Friday, June 30, 2006

FOs? Not Yet

I´m about to finish my two current projects.

1. Felted bag for Sister.
This is a pic of the bag before the felting process.

It still needs sewing, felting, lining, magnetic snap, handles.

2. Denim Blue Sweater for Husband.

It still needs sewing. But here you can see the new neckline.

Oh no

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yarn yarn and more yarn!

Today I visited the yarn district. And this is what I bought:

2 pairs of "Aero" needles (3.5 and 4 mm)
500 g of Tan Merino (for a sweater)
500 g of Gray Shetland (for a Cardigan from Verena Mag).

Wooden handles for my felted bag

The Aero needles are awesome. I already love them!
I´ll try my best not to start a new project until I´ve finished Current Project (green felted bag for Sister). Will I be able to control myself? mmmmm don´t think so...

Rip it!

Husband´s head was too big for the neck hole.
I seriously considered calling the Jivaros and have Husband´s head shrunken, but then the Magazine arrived and nothing else mattered!
Some pics of the sweater minus the neckline.


My Vogue Knitting Magazine has arrived!!!!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Magazine Review

Magazine: Para Ti Guía de Puntos Dos Agujas
This is a small stitch dictionary. Not bad, but the patterns are very simple. Lots of cables, some jacquard patterns (not my favorite), some lace patterns (again, nothing extraordinary).
Anyway, it costs only $11.90 (approximately US$4), so I guess it´s a good buy.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Planning a Trip to the Yarn District!!!

I´m planning an afternoon trip to the Yarn District. I have to organize my schedule (this week my students have been changing the times and days of the lessons). But I HAVE TO go! Husband´s sweater is almost finished (I only need to sew it) and I´m craving for some tan or grey mohair for a lovely cardigan from Verena magazine.
Wednesday, most probably.

Knitting `N Beading

Meet my Little Red Riding Bracelet.
I did one for my Mom in a different colour palette (off-white, brownish, pale orange kind of thing). But I gave it to her before taking a pic. Trust me, it was gorgeous too!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Twisty Mc Teal

So this is Mr Twisty Mc Teal. I bought the yarn because I loved the colour.
The only thing is that when I started knitting I realized the quality of the yarn is not as good as I had expected. You know, when I knit, I do it with all of my heart. It takes me a long time, and great effort to finish a project. So I´d rather pay more for the yarn than to see a finished object that could have been much better if the quality of the yarn had been higher...
Anyways, I finished it... and I think it looks nice.
It´s perfect to go to work - it´s lacy, so it´s not too warm!

Update on Pink Panther Bag!

I felted it again... now I totally love it.
I sewed the inner lining.
Now all there is to it is to find handles that match it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Butterfly Pattern from Rowan 37

I REALLY want to knit this camisole!!!!!
Buying the magazine is out of the question - I can´t afford the mag + the shipping and handling fees to Buenos Aires!!!!!
So please, if you have the magazine and are done with it... I´ll buy it second-hand!

Pink Panther Bag

Pics of my new Pink Panther Bag (my husband calls me Pink Panther because I love pink and I have lots of pink clothes, accessories and pajamas.
Before Felting

After Felting

Knitting time: one afternoon
Felting time: two days, maybe.

What´s next? Lining it (I have already bought some fabric, but I still can´t make up my mind which one to use) and finding nice handles (this is the hard part - there are no stores that sell handles other than basic wooden or metal ones).

These are the lining fabrics... I guess the stripy one looks better with my bag

Crochet Magazine Review!

"Para Ti" magazine has published a new crochet pattern book that is STUNNING!
There are lots of new patterns, and they are gorgeous! Highly recommended!!!!
It is a MUST HAVE!

Trip to the Yarn District = More Yarn! (5/27/2006)

Saturday morning, Husband is working.
Sister needs a fluffy bolero for a wedding.
Mother, Sister and I head to the yarn district.
Let me tell you, it is NOT a good idea to go there on Saturday morning. Hoardes of knitters... women in line waiting to enter the yarn shops!
Anyway, sister found a lovely ligth blue fluffy yarn...
And I got two skeins of 100% wool and some fantasy yarn... I´m going to make more felted bags! I loved the first one, so why not keep trying?
And I also got some blue yarn to knit something for the Mr.
I can´t wait to start!

First Felting Project (5/23/2006)

So this is my first felting project... not too bad considering I had no idea what this felting thing was, or how it would change its size, and I had never knitted a tote bag before...
I think it looks really cute.
Tomorrow I´ll try to find a magnetic snap so that I can take this baby out for a walk!

Finished: 5/23/2006

Purple "Pampa" Sweater (5/18/2006)

I finished it on Monday. I wore it on Tuesday, despite the 20°C. I just can´t help myself.
I think it looks gorgeous!
Really easy and fast to knit.

Finished: 5/18/2006

Denim Blue Bag (4/10/2006 )

Brava!!! I finished my cute bag yesterday, Sunday morning, while Husband was still sleeping!!! I never thought it would look this cute. Actually, it is not as cute as the one that inspired me (the felting thing I had never heard of before...). Anyway, I will soon start experimenting with that.
Obviously, I wore it yesterday evening!!!! It was a great hit with the girls!!!! Everybody loved it!

Finished: 4/10/2006 (I hadn´t heard about "felting" while knitting it)

Pink Crochet Scarf

Last night I took the knitting to bed and I couldn´t stop until I finished it! And I totally love it!!! I took the patterns of both the squares and the edges from an old magazine my mum bought before I was even born!
I have already bought some yarn to make one for Husband (not pink, of course, but beige and chocolate brown, and I will not include the lacey edge but a more manly finishing...)

Finished: 4/03/2006