Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Magazine Review

Magazine: Para Ti Guía de Puntos Dos Agujas
This is a small stitch dictionary. Not bad, but the patterns are very simple. Lots of cables, some jacquard patterns (not my favorite), some lace patterns (again, nothing extraordinary).
Anyway, it costs only $11.90 (approximately US$4), so I guess it´s a good buy.


lomester said...

My mom used to read "Para Ti" all the time in Argentina. I wish we could get it here... that and "Borda". Is that magazine still out there?

Que es "El Noble Repulgue" and can they ship 4-cheese empanadas to the U.S.?
(o unas empanadas arabes... )

Carla said...

Hi Paloma! you made me laugh!!
Para Ti is till published every week. Every once in a while, they publish some special editions like the "Crochet" or "2 agujas" books. Burda is still on most newsagents too. If you want, I could send you some. Just let me know.
"El Noble Repulgue" (http://www.elnoblerepulgue.com.ar/) is a chain take-out restaurant that sells empanadas. They offer a wide range of varieties and they are really good!