Monday, July 31, 2006

Crochet the Weekend Away

At the weekend it was SO SO cold that I hardly left the apartment.
On Friday I met Vik for our knitter-blogger meeting (we saw a girl with an amazing long coat that we are positive was knit in the round).
And then Saturday and Sunday I stayed at home, I just walked to the mini market around the corner to get some cheese for the pizza!
That´s how I increased the number of crochet squares from 20something to 61 or 62!
So that you get an idea of how big this throw is going to be, in the second picture, you can see the TV remote on your left.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mr. Rip It the Frog

This is as far as I got, before I realized that if I finished the sweater and wore, I would look like a Large Furry Teddy Bear.

Hail Storm

This is what I could see from my kitchen window, at 3.30 pm. The hail was coming down like crazy!!
I was smart enough to take a taxi to come home from work at 2.30!
I hadn´t seen such a hail storm in a very very long time. Fortunately, it stopped just before Husband had to leave for work.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Trellis-Framed Leaf

Current Project: Sweater for myself.
Pattern: Trellis-Framed Leaf (from Vogue Knitting Magazine)

Yarn: Mohair.

Swatch: The bottom part is a pattern from a Verena Magazine. I didn´t quite like it.
The second part is from another Verena magazine. The last upper part is the Trellis-Framed Leaf (the first 6 rows I knitted on the wrong side. I didn´t fancy it, so after the 7th row I purled on the wrong side).

Saturday, July 22, 2006

First Attempt at Knitting in the Round

Oh my... What a SHAME!My hands hurt, my back aches, my head and neck feel horrible...

Scandalous behavior - how dare the stitches twist and turn like that????

Solution: Frog it, and use a thicker yarn.


Look what I found today, on my way to meet Vik.
They are not exactly what I had in mind, but they´re pretty close, and I think they will look lovely on my grey cardi.

At this new haberdashery, I also asked if they organize classes, and whether they teach how to knit with circular needles: the girl told me she thinks they DO! So I have to call her on Monday to check, and if they do, next Friday I will be there, learning to knit in the round.
Today Vik and I had our first attempt at knitting in the round. Vik got the hang of it quickly...
To see what I did, check the next entry...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thank God For Coffee

I couldn´t have done it without my true and loyal friend Coffee

Finally! It´s done (I´m lying, I still have to buy the buttons (I´d like to get something similar to these), sew them and open up the buttonholes)

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I treated myself to these lovely Gerbera Flowers...

Vogue Knitting Fall Issue Preview

I have just seen the preview of the Vogue Knitting Fall Issue.
Socks galore!
I´ll have to learn how to knit with circular needles, because I have to have those socks!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Don´t Count Your Eggs Before They Hatch

Almost finished Grey Cardi?
Have I finished it yet???
Last night I sewed both front sides to the back, and started knitting the neckline.
When I finally cast off... I realized the left and the right were not alike. I started the neckline of the right front side 2 rows before I did in the left one.
So, today, I unsewed everything, frogged over 20 rows of the right side, knitted them again, cast off, sewed it back, cast on for the neckline, knitted the neckline...
And I have already sewn one sleeve...
And let me call it a day.
I hope I can finish it tomorrow

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

About to Be Finished!

I´m just about to sew it!!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Buttefly from Rowan 37

I have been coveting this ever since I saw it...

Isn´t it gorgeous??? So girly, so romantic... lovely.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Grey Cardi´s First Sleeve

I started it on Friday while waiting for the hair stylist at my Mom´s. On Saturday morning it came to the knitter blogger meeting with Vik. And today I finished it at home while watching Grey´s Anatomy (the episode in which Meredith and Izzie take up knitting).
I hope the grey cardi will be finished by next weekend!

To Be Sewn

So this is the sock. It only needs sewing (thank you, Vik, for the back stitch tip!). I think I´ll sew it tomorrow evening... I can´t wait to see it finished!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Crochet Throw

I´ve been working on these small crochet squares while waiting. I take my crochet hook and the ball of yarn in my bag everywhere I go.
If I have to wait for a student, I crochet.
At the doctor´s office, I crochet.
In line at the Corporate Records Office (IGJ), I crochet.
Too bad I cannot crochet or knit (or even read) in the car or on the bus (I have had car sickness since I was a little girl - my dad had to pull over al least twice on the way to Quilmes).
Anyway, you can see my twentysomething squares. They are on my bed, so you can actually see how much I´ve got, and how much needs to be done.
This is another project that will take for ever and ever!!!

Almost There!

Brava! I´ve finished the Heel Part!!! Here you can see Miss Left Sock, spread on my bed. Of course, since I´m knitting it with two straight needles, I´ll have to sew it when it´s done... but it looks so pretty, I don´t even care! Anyway, little Miss Left Sock will have to wait for Mr. Right... I´m planning on resuming the gray cardi ASAP. I haven´t worked on it much this week.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yuck I Hate To Wind Skeins Into Balls

I admit it, I HATE winding yarn into balls.
I wouldn´t go so far as to do this!this.

Update on the First Sock Ever

Here it is! Meet my First Sock Ever!

In the first pic, you´ll see my "row counter" aka Pen and Paper. I have been looking all over Buenos Aires to find a decent row counter- I mean, I´m not looking for anything fancy like the Clover Row Counter... I just want a simple plasticky thing like this one.
Anyway, it was impossible for me to find one in any of the haberdasheries near home. So I found the instructions to do a bracelet / row counter and here it is.

I´ve knitted 57 rows. That means 100 more. I still haven´t figure out the heel part... I´ll worry when I get there (in about 20 rows).

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Knitter Blogger Meeting

Yesterday in the morning I met Vik (on the left) for breakfast. We were supposed to knit and talk... we talked about knitting and girl´s stuff, but knitted nothing, not even a stitch. If you look closely, you will see Vik´s second pair of socks, her awesome chunky yarn coat, and my pink felted bag.
It was great to meet her, and she was so kind as to give me her sock pattern (to knit with two straight needles).
We had so much fun. We decided we will try and meet again another Saturday morning, and maybe some other knitters in BA would like to join us...
Of course, I couldn´t help myself. The minute I got home I found some yarn and started my very first sock.

Thanks Vik! I´m looking forward to the next time.

Felted Bag

So this is the bag for my Sister. I asked her whether she wanted me to felt it again, but she said she likes it the way it is right now.
As you can see, it is far from finished... lining, magnetic snaps, handles... Anyway, I hope I can finish it soon, so that my sister stops asking me "when is my bag going to be ready?"

Friday, July 07, 2006

Green Bag Before Felting

The Green Bag is about to go to the washing machine.
The Pink Bag was so gorgeous my sister wanted one. So here is the green one for her. I still have to find some nice fabric for the lining and some handles. So it is not really a Finished Object yet, but I thought an update wouldn´t hurt anyone. I hope you like it, and I hope my sister likes it, too!

Update on the Gray Cardi

I´ve been knitting like crazy, and this is how far I´ve gotten.
All I can think is of the song "Neverending Stoooory". Have you seen the film? It was one of our favorite films while growing up. We so loved Atreyu and the luck dragon Falkor.
Now, changing the subject, the weather is just IMPOSSIBLE in BA! Two minutes ago it was pouring down with rain, now the sun is shining. No wonder I have a sore throat. My voice is kind of coarse right now.
If everything goes well, I´ll be meeting one of our fellow knitterbloggers tomorrow for breakfast. I am so looking forward to this!
Ok, I have to go on knitting if I ever want to finish this project!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Current Project

This is my latest project: a cardigan from Verena magazine. Yarn: gray Shetland. Needles: 3 1/2.
It´s going to take FOR EVER!

Hubbie's Sweater!

Still needs ironing... but don´t they (Husband & Sweater) look gorgeous?
It was quite a quick knit. I think it took me 2 weeks from beginning to end, maybe...