Thursday, July 13, 2006

Crochet Throw

I´ve been working on these small crochet squares while waiting. I take my crochet hook and the ball of yarn in my bag everywhere I go.
If I have to wait for a student, I crochet.
At the doctor´s office, I crochet.
In line at the Corporate Records Office (IGJ), I crochet.
Too bad I cannot crochet or knit (or even read) in the car or on the bus (I have had car sickness since I was a little girl - my dad had to pull over al least twice on the way to Quilmes).
Anyway, you can see my twentysomething squares. They are on my bed, so you can actually see how much I´ve got, and how much needs to be done.
This is another project that will take for ever and ever!!!


Vik said...

Parecen galletitas! ;)

alejandra said...

Qué vas a hacer con ellos? Yo me hice un bolerito en el verano con flores (fijáte en el archivo), no eran cuadrados exactamente, pero creo que te podrían servir.

Carla said...

HOla Alejandra! Va a ser una mantita para tirarme a mirar la tele!! Ahora voy a mirar tu bolerito, gracias por la idea!

Anonymous said...

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