Sunday, July 09, 2006

Knitter Blogger Meeting

Yesterday in the morning I met Vik (on the left) for breakfast. We were supposed to knit and talk... we talked about knitting and girl´s stuff, but knitted nothing, not even a stitch. If you look closely, you will see Vik´s second pair of socks, her awesome chunky yarn coat, and my pink felted bag.
It was great to meet her, and she was so kind as to give me her sock pattern (to knit with two straight needles).
We had so much fun. We decided we will try and meet again another Saturday morning, and maybe some other knitters in BA would like to join us...
Of course, I couldn´t help myself. The minute I got home I found some yarn and started my very first sock.

Thanks Vik! I´m looking forward to the next time.


Vik said...

Yeah! It was great knowing each other personally! Can´t wait to see your finished socks!
I´m calling you for our next meeting!

Carla said...

Awesome! Look forward to it!

Paula460 said...

que rico!
que buena onda encontrarse con gene que tiene intereses en comun!
yo me he encontado ya varias veces con mis tejeamigas...y cada vez lo paso mejor.
ojala esten comenzando un MOVIMIENTO TEJERIL ARGENTINO de proporciones...y si no...que lo sigan pasando tan bien.
carla, gracias por tu comentario y animo con esas calcetas.
(I'm too lazy to post in english today...)

Carla said...

besos Paula!

lomester said...


I want to go have coffee con las Argentinas!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! » » »