Friday, July 07, 2006

Update on the Gray Cardi

I´ve been knitting like crazy, and this is how far I´ve gotten.
All I can think is of the song "Neverending Stoooory". Have you seen the film? It was one of our favorite films while growing up. We so loved Atreyu and the luck dragon Falkor.
Now, changing the subject, the weather is just IMPOSSIBLE in BA! Two minutes ago it was pouring down with rain, now the sun is shining. No wonder I have a sore throat. My voice is kind of coarse right now.
If everything goes well, I´ll be meeting one of our fellow knitterbloggers tomorrow for breakfast. I am so looking forward to this!
Ok, I have to go on knitting if I ever want to finish this project!


Gaby said...

Te está quedando muy bien, Carla!! Te felicito por la constancia! ;)

Carla said...

Gracias Gaby!

lomester said...

WOW! Stick to it, because it looks so pretty already!

Carla said...

Thanks Paloma!!
I have already finished the back... so I guess it´s not taking thaaaat long anyway!

alejandra said...

Carla, Atreyu y Falkor son lo más. Divina historia y aguante el suéter, mi experiencia me dice que ésta forma es la mejor: darle duro y parejo porque si lo abandonás después te da fiaca retomarlo.

Carla said...

hola Alejandra! el sweater va y va... en otra lana, con todo lo que tejí este finde, ya estaría terminado... pero está quedando lindo, así que no me quejo