Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Yuck I Hate To Wind Skeins Into Balls

I admit it, I HATE winding yarn into balls.
I wouldn´t go so far as to do this!this.


Gaby said...

Qué sistema tan ingenioso!! Yo me compré el devanador hace 4 años, luego de una vez que perdí 4 horas devanando 1 madeja!

Carla said...

jajaja yo hoy me pasé casi una hora ovillando la madeja de la foto! en cualquier momento agarro la batidora!
besos Gaby

Karla said...

Hi, Carla! Saw you had lunch with Vik over on her blog so had to come visit your blog, too!

I went to see what you wouldn't do to wind yarn, and when I saw the mixer/beater, I thought "Oh! Me neither!" but then I saw that they actually put a tube over the beater and wind and I thought that was actually a cool idea if you don't have a yarn winder! ha ha!

Great blog! Gonna go read more!

Carla said...

Hi Karla! The mixer/beater yarn winder is actually a cool idea. I guess it´s easier for me to ask Husband to stretch his arms and wind it myself!

Vik said...

Hahaha! I can´t believe how they adapted a mixer to wind skeins! Easier with a chair of with volunteer´s arms! ;)

Paula460 said...

que bueno!!!!!!!!!!!!
esta muy bueno!