Friday, August 11, 2006

Butterfly - Body

I have started the body of my Butterfly.
I found it excruciatingly unnerving to pick up the stitches from the hem frill. It was not as hard as I had expected!
And now all I have to do is go on knitting!
I think it is coming along nicely!
Last Wednesday I showed my Butterfly and a pic of the finished project to my 15-year-old goddaughter. She couldn´t believe her eyes... I know that right now she is racking her brains trying to figure out a way to ask me to knit one for her too!


alejandra said...

Muuuuy lindo, el mohair es espectacular, veo que estás usando contador. Te acostumbraste a él? Estoy por comprarme uno.

Ann Marie said...

It's beautiful!!!

Gaby said...

Qué lindo, Carla! Precioso el color :)

Anonymous said...

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