Friday, September 29, 2006


I finally found a white top I like to wear underneath the Butterfly.
And even though Spring has begun I haven´t been able to wear it - since I finished it, the temperature has been really really low.
If you look carefully you´ll see I´ve modified the pattern of the body. I find it boring to follow instructions. So I take my favorite parts and do them - and then I alter one or two things - I add my own little twists to it.
I think it worked out fine this time!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Spring Knitting in Buenos Aires!

Our knit blogger group is growing!!!

This was last Friday, Sep 22, in Patio Bullrich Shopping Center.

Ale brought all her awesome circular needles. She even has some pairs of Addi Turbos. Now I understand why it was SO hard for me to knit with the circulars made in Argentina. She also brought a book on how to knit socks with two circulars. I looked in awe.

Vik organized everything. And there you can see her knitting her 6th dishcloth. She's using some lovely peachy yarn.

And then there's me, wearing an FO, with the butterfly on my lap, and swatching for my WIP. No, it's not a scarf. I had to try a couple of different things before deciding what to do.

We had a wonderful time, having coffee and talking non-stop.

I'm looking forward to meeting again soon!!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Blocking Lace

I finished my Rowan Butterfly!!!
Right now, I am blocking the hem frill. I think that is the only part that will need blocking, so that the pattern stands out.
Since we don´t have any blocking tools here in Argentina, I made do without the fancy blocking board and blocking pins. All I had handy was a towel and some multi coloured pins.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Some Questions about Butterfly

I did it!!!
Yesterday night I finished knitting the Butterfly!
Now, the finishings are in place.
Some doubts:
what is the correct order to finish it?
  • blocking
  • picot edges on underarm borders and neck borders
  • sewing seams

Can anybody tell me the correct order? The Rowan instructions tell you to press (?), join seams, knit borders and refer to finishing instructions (which I don´t have - I never bought the mag, Arianwen generously sent me the photocopies =) ).

But then Knitty tells us to block before seaming.

All suggestions are welcome!

Mother - Daughter Bonding

Yesterday I had a wonderful day!

My mum came to visit me. We gossiped and had "mate". And after that we went to Falabella Department Store on Florida Street. They had invited us from Estee Lauder to meet some make up artists and since we are girly girls we couldn't say no. We went there, we got a facial, and then the make up artists improved our good looks =)

Of course, my mum couldn't help herself. She bought some eye cream and some eyeliner for her. And she gave me these:

(I could never afford to buy these things!)
Then one of the make up artists who we discovered is one of my best friend´s best friend (what are the odds? The world is SO small!) gave me a sample of a moisturizer and a bottle of mascara and my mum a sample of another moisturizer and another bottle of mascara.

And since her birthday is on September 26th I have her a bottle of shimmery peachy eye shadow.

We SO love make up - and as you can see - Estee Lauder is our FAVORITE!!!
And I SO love my mum. She is the greatest.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

FO! Secret Garden Felted Bag

Meet the Secret Garden Felted Bag

My sister Florencia is the lucky recipient of this bag.
(please pretend I am wearing a nice black suit and black stilettos instead of my pink pjs and slippers)

In fact, Flor is so lucky I even lined the bag!

On knitting news, my butterfly is coming along nicely, but slowly - my allergies got so bad last week the doctor gave me lots of medicines, and they make me sleepy. And I need to be 100% alert in order to knit the butterfly without messing it up!

Enlazadas - My Secret Pal

My "Enlazadas" Swap package arrived yesterday:

Thank you MarĂ­a Graciela Canales
for your Beautiful Gifts: a pink violet bolero

and a necklace

Thank you! Gracias!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

No Mercy

Going.... Going...

A picture is worth a million words.
I took both parts to my mum. It didn´t pass her quality test.
I cut the body from the hem frill, and I cast on again.
Back in Row 3 of the front body.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Butterfly Update

This is why I haven´t been posting - I didn´t want to keep showing you a couple of rows of my butterfly. But here it is! The back and the front.
There is one little problem though, that I spotted last night when I cast off... I´m not going to say anything, because it may have been my exhaustion. I´m just telling you that I might be starting another butterfly back if what I saw last night is still there when I look at it in a couple of minutes.