Saturday, September 02, 2006

Butterfly Update

This is why I haven´t been posting - I didn´t want to keep showing you a couple of rows of my butterfly. But here it is! The back and the front.
There is one little problem though, that I spotted last night when I cast off... I´m not going to say anything, because it may have been my exhaustion. I´m just telling you that I might be starting another butterfly back if what I saw last night is still there when I look at it in a couple of minutes.


Gaby said...

Carla está precioso!!! SUper delicado! Te felicito! :)

Arianwen said...

wow it looks fantastic! I am sure you wont need to another back. Which size did you make everyone seems to be making smaller than they usually take, did you do that?

andrea said...

¡Que bueno que ya casi terminas! Está muy bonito, te va a quedar muy elegante

Carla said...

Gracias Gaby, gracias Andrea!!!
Arianwen, I do need another back!!!
About the size, I made some changes, and before blocking it does look smaller than my usual size.