Friday, September 15, 2006

Mother - Daughter Bonding

Yesterday I had a wonderful day!

My mum came to visit me. We gossiped and had "mate". And after that we went to Falabella Department Store on Florida Street. They had invited us from Estee Lauder to meet some make up artists and since we are girly girls we couldn't say no. We went there, we got a facial, and then the make up artists improved our good looks =)

Of course, my mum couldn't help herself. She bought some eye cream and some eyeliner for her. And she gave me these:

(I could never afford to buy these things!)
Then one of the make up artists who we discovered is one of my best friend´s best friend (what are the odds? The world is SO small!) gave me a sample of a moisturizer and a bottle of mascara and my mum a sample of another moisturizer and another bottle of mascara.

And since her birthday is on September 26th I have her a bottle of shimmery peachy eye shadow.

We SO love make up - and as you can see - Estee Lauder is our FAVORITE!!!
And I SO love my mum. She is the greatest.


alejandra said...

Wow!!! Qué lindos, para mí son comopequeños tesoros, es bueno invertir en este pipo de productos, son inmejorables.

Carla said...

estoy de acuerdo con vos Ale... pero no te puedo explicar la Visa de mi mamá cómo quedó... Ahora, nosotras estamos CHOCHAS!!!!

Vik said...

Qué linda salida, Carla! Está bueno poder darse esos gustos, eh?