Saturday, November 04, 2006

Following Paula's advice

Yesterday Paula gave me some advice. She told me I should put the yarn balls in bags. Thank you Paula, it is working just fine!!!

Fortunately, I have finished knitting with 5 balls - now I am down to 3 - that is until row 83 when I have to add 2 more balls again. But let me enjoy this while it lasts!

I hope I can make progress at the weekend - next week will be busy again, so I have to take advantage of Saturday morning while Husband sleeps (he arrives at 7 am from work, so he won't be getting up before 2pm, and he might even take a nap!).
This project is coming rather slowly - I guess you won't be seeing a Finished Object too soon.


Jan said...

Hi Carla, Thanks for the comment on my blog. I admire your bravery! The most I have knit with is four balls and it drove me nuts. They kept tangling up. I will remember that tip about putting them in bags for the next time I try intrasia.

Carla said...

Hi Jan! The bags make it much easier. It still is kind of complicated, but just not as much, it really helps. You should definitely try it next time you deal with intarsia.

alejandra said...

No puedo esperar para verla terminada, te está quedando muy linda!!

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, you're doing such great progress - I really admire you that you have the patience to knit with so many different skeins at once, I guess I'd go hysterical with it! The advice with putting the yarn balls in different bags is of course perfect, this might make things a lot easier for you!

Vik said...

Buena idea la de Paula!!

Carla said...

Gracias Ale!!! igual me falta un montón!!!
Dipsy, thank you for your kind words! I thought it would be easier to knit... but it's coming around so nicely that I don't have the courage to give up just because it's difficult.
Vik, la idea de Paula funciona perfectamente!

Paula460 said... idea de mi abuela ;) Podre ver tu trabajo el 17??? que emocion! ya tenemos los pasajes!
Carla...that`s my granny's idea ;)
Will I see this work on nov 17th? what a thrill! We've got the tickets!

Carla said...

Paula, your granny must be a very smart lady!!
Unfortunately I don't think I'll finish it by the 17th =( but you'll get to see the WIP...
thanks again for your advice

Ferípula said...

Vengo riéndome del piropo que te dijeron...jaja! qué ocurrencia!
Un beso,

Carla said...

Hola Feri... cada vez que con mi amiga lo recordamos nos agarra un ataque de risa!! Besos para vos también