Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Yes. I got it from my husband. And Yes, I feel like never talking to him again.

It itches a lot. I cannot open my eyes when I wake up in the morning.

I cannot go to work.

Most importantly: I cannot go swimming!!!! I'm so upset. Especially now that I was swimming more and more every time I went to the swimming pool. I don't think I ever mentioned this before, but I used to swim A LOT - like 500 laps - three times a week, for a long time. Then I stopped swimming altogether when I moved and started living with hubby and changed jobs. I started swimming again last month, and I have been feeling so good about it.

Anyway, I'm so mad.

Here, look at my eye.

Do you see how small it looks?

Anyhow, the doctor told I was not allowed to go swimming, but he said it was ok for me to go to the gym. I have just arrived from the stretching class, and from yoga. Ommmm... still feel like never talking to husband again.

On the knitting side, this is how much I've knit:

I found more and more mistakes in the pattern (rows 75 and 77). Do these people even check what they print????
I have just finished knitting with 5 balls, and I'm down to 3 again. Oh my, I didn't think it would be that hard to knit intarsia!
However, I'm loving the way the project is coming along. I think it is so pretty and so girly!!!


alejandra said...

Ay Carlita, estamos iguales, a mí me lo contagió mi nene más chico!!!

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, poor you! Your eye looks so painful - I really hope it'll be better very soon so that you can continue doing what you enjoy to do!
Argh, isn't it a pain in the back when patterns aren't correctly written? With the sweater I'm doing now, I've also encountered a pretty heavy mistake in the pattern, one that just shouldn't be there - and I was so mad, wahhh! I hope you won't find any more mistakes in there from now on though!

Carla said...

Ale, que mal humor!!! está fatal la conjuntivitis este año... yo estaba mejor, pero hoy tuve que cancelar todo porque tengo el ojo chiquito chiquito!
Hi Dipsy! My eye doesn't hurt that much - it just feels funny and watery and itchy. And about patters - I feel so aggravated. I'm sorry you have also found mistakes in your pattern. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Paula460 said...

Carlita!!! que es eso de pinkeye? es una infeccion? no conozco el nombre en casellano. Pero si tu marid te contagio, supongo que es una infeccion, un orzuelo tal vez?
en el matrimonio se comparten tantas cosas... jejeje
Espero que pase pronto.
El tejido va super bien! se ve espectacular... Y menos mal que ahora son "solo" ter madejas a la vez ;)

Paula460 said...

Carla! olvide decirte que tu piropo me hizo mucho reir...Piensa que al menos no te ofrecieron hacerte un abrigo...jejeje

Gaby said...

Pobre Carla! que dolor! Serán tantos cambios climáticos que hacen que prolifere la conjuntivitis?? Espero que mejores pronto :)
Y lo del patrón..pensé que los errores eran solo de las revistas de acá...pero por suerte sabés como corregirlos :)

Carla said...

Paula, el pinkeye es conjuntivitis!!!! y sí, el matrimonio es en las buenas y en las malas, no? Me alegro que te guste como va mi tejido! Y lo del piropo ... inolvidable!
Gaby, la conjuntivitis mi marido se la contagió en el hospital Santa Lucía, ningún cambio climático!!!! Y lo del patrón, una verguenza, yo también que pasaba sólo acá, pero ya ves...

Vik said...

Creo que es una plaga, mucha gente está igual!