Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sunday Sunny Sunday

Today Husband and I got up and decided we didn't want to stay in. My eye still hurts and all, but I was sick of staying at home all day long!
What did we do? We went to Luján.
The first thing we did was visit the Basilic. We are not very religious, but the architecture is awesome. Look:
Luján Basilic
We entered the church, and the priest was saying Mass. The church inside is beautiful, the altar especially. Anyway, I thought it would have been quite disrespectful to take pictures during Mass, so I didn't.

After that we walked around the Basilic. There are hundreds of stalls where they sell a million different things: rosaries, pictures and statues of the Virgin and of different saints, and they even sell bottles for you to take some Holy Water with you.

Aftwerwards, we went to the City Park. Too many people so we just walked around for a couple of minutes. It's a pity, though, the area around the river is quite nice, but you really can't enjoy it.

I couldn't take my sunglasses off!!! The pinkeye is still bad.

After that we went to the Museum of Transport. Husband LOVED it. Husband loves vehicles. I took pictures and felt happy it was darkish inside (my eye still hurts!!)
Finally, we ate hamburgers at Mc Donald's and came home in time for my eye drops.

Nap. Homemade pizza and minced meat empanadas.

Husband has just left for work.

Now I'm going to bed - TV and knitting for me.


Paula460 said...

queda cerca de Baires? podre darle un vistazo?
se ve espectacular!
Mejorate pronto!

Carla said...

Hola Paula! Luján queda como a 70 km de Baires... no se si vale la pena el viaje - calculo que si sos muy creyente, la Virgen de Luján es de las mas veneradas acá en Argentina, tal vez te interese ir... Me parece que si querés pasar un día al aire libre es más lindo El Tigre... veamos si alguien más nos da su opinión...

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, what a great day it seems you had! Thanks so much for letting us join it via the pics - I love them! Gosh, and I'd so love to visit your country one day - this is one of the dreams I have to make true yet - but chances are good for that! ;)
All the best to you, my friend - and I hope your eye will be as good as new very soon!

Paula said...

no tan creyente Carla jajajajaja!

Carla said...

Hi Dipsy! Argentina is a beautiful place. And right now it is very convenient for European visitors - the currency exchange being E$1=AR$4!!! And you cannot imagine the amount of yarn you can buy in the yarn district!!!
Paula, entonces no se si vale la pena el viaje por ver la iglesia solamente!!! =)

Vik said...

Qué lindo domingo en Luján! Además el tiempo estaba espectacular!

Carlos said...

Beautiful sights and photos! Espero que se sane su ojo muy pronto!

Carla said...

Vik, la verdad la pasamos divino. El tiempo ayudó mucho!!
Carlos, I'm glad you liked the pics! Thank you for your your kind thoughts.

Paula460 said...

felicitaciones ganadora!
mas pronto de lo usual tendras tu regalito en tus manos jejejeje!