Saturday, November 25, 2006

Xmas Gifts

They are cute. They are not too expensive. They are not too difficult to knit.
Translation: perfect Xmas gifts for my students!
So yesterday after the gym I bought some glass candle holders.
Last night, after dinner, I threaded the beads.
Today, while having breakfast I started knitting.
Finished Object:
Not bad for being the first one. Of course I have to admit that the original ones are much better executed. But my students won't know!!
For the following ones I will need to change the wire. This one gets cut too easily.
And I think I may use more beads - and maybe a little bigger?
So, what do you think? Should I make these or do you have any other suggestions?

1 comment:

Paula460 said...

a mi me parecio perfecto... muy lindo, pero si debes cambiar el alambre por uno que te resulte mas comodo de tejer, besos!