Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Votive Sleeves

7 out of 15.

I still have to knit 8 votive sleeves.

In the background you can see our Christmas Tree. I decorated it last Saturday while listening to Luis Miguel singing "Santa Claus is coming to town" and all the songs in his latest album "Navidades".
Next weekend is full of celebrations around here! My birthday on Friday, Wedding Anniversary on Sunday! I have threatened Husband: I must get one present for each. And of course another present for Xmas!
Talking about presents I have almost finished Xmas presents shopping!!!! I have bought gifts for my mum, my dad, my sister, my husband. I asked him if he wanted me to buy presents for his family and he said no. His family is not used to giving presents... He only told me to buy something for his 5-year-old niece, this is the only thing left for me to buy, shouldn't be hard she's into Disney's Princesses these days. Anything Princess will do.
I have to get back to the wire and beads - I'd like to give these next Monday and Tuesday, and
I'd better finish them before Friday before the party begins!


Dipsy D. said...

Awww, the Votive sleeves are yummy and so is your Christmas tree - such a lovely decoration!

Kim in Oregon said...

I could only knit 4 and had to stop because my fingers were so torn up! Happy Birthday and have a wonderful Christmas, feliz Navidad!

alejandra said...

Carlita: Feliz Cumple!!!!!!!! Tarde, pero seguro!!! Te mando un beso grande y que todos tus deseos se cumplan!!!! Con cariƱo, Ale.

Silvia said...

Happy Anniversary and a belated Happy birthday. Your Votives look wonderful I am sure everyone will love them:)

Carla said...

Thank you Angie!
Kim, thank you for your kind words! My fingers are in pain too!
Gracias Ale!!!!
Thank you Silvia!! So far everybody's liked the votives!!