Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ribbing Is Boring and It's TOO Hot to Knit!

Not much progress in my Verena Mag Cerise Cardi.
It's too hot to knit - in fact, it's too hot to post, too hot to move, too hot to think! Right now the temperature is near 36°C...

I thought it was just me - but today I talked to my mum and she has two Works in Progress she hasn't even touched for over a week. Then I talked to a friend of mine, she's pregant and knitting for her baby boy - she can't seem to finish a cardi for the baby... I've been thinking of knitting something for her baby - I need to buy some knitting magazines for babies - in the meantime, any suggestions?


Paula460 said...

Carla... no puedo creer que haga tanto calor!!! que terrible! yo ayer casi me derreti con 34,4º! que espanto... ! por favor dime que en abril no hace tanto calor por alla!!!
Pobre tu tejido, pobrecita tu...derretidaaaaa, pobre tu mama y tu amiga...que horror con el calor que da el embarazo!
La revista Plena Libro de Oro del bebe trae cosas preciosas!
yo compre unas revistas alemanas (en castellano) aca en Santiago, tambien con maravillas para toda epoca que podria escanearte si quieres.
Y tambien tengo algunas cosas en este link
y en este otro:

ps: compraste el aire acondicionado?

Dipsy said...

Oh, I remember last summer so vividly, when the temperatures hit the 40's and I was about to knit a summer top - it was just a very light cotton yarn, but still, I couldn't be bothered to take it up and knit with it, I started to sweat all over when I just thought about it!
But don't worry, your temperatures will cool down again as well, and then there'll be time enough for knitting again!
Enjoy your beautiful weather!

Carla said...

Hola Paula!!!! quedate tranquila, abril no suele ser tan caluroso!!! Y no, todavía no compre el Aire Acondicionado =( Gracias por los links, ya mismo voy a verlos! Y me encantaría si me escaneas algo!!!
Hi Angie!! Fortunately the weather is better today - though I was out all day and didn't knit a single stitch! =)

Romaine said...

Well said.