Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Secret Project Interrupted

Unfortunately I am having some health issues I need to take care of... Being the childish squeamish person that I am, and considering the doctor told me NOT TO MOVE from bed/chair, I moved to my mum's house for a couple of days - more like a week - till the doctor sees me again.
Once again, my mum is my heroe, you see...
The bad news is I left my knitting at home, and Husband won't be able to come see me until tomorrow I guess... so I'm sitting/lying around all day with nothing to do!!!!!

All your prayers, good thoughts, positive energy will be appreciated!!


Paula460 said...

Carlita...que malas noticias...enfermita, en cama y sin tu tejido!!! ojala recuperes pronto la salud y las agujas!
desde ya te envio las mejores vibras para que te recuperes pronto y bien.
ps: y saludos a tu madrew

andrea said...

Espero que pronto estés completamente recuperada, y tejiendo.

Arianwen said...

Poorly sick in bed with a shawl on! Hope you are feeling better very soon. Of course if you said you didnt feel like knitting we would really know you were sick!

Gaby said...

Carla!! Espero que te recuperes pronto!! ;) y que no sea nada!
Algo inventarás para tejer, mientras tanto, no?

Carla said...

Gracias a todas por sus lindas palabras de aliento. Gracias a Dios ya está todo mejor.
Arianwen, thank you for your kind words. Fortunately I'm much much better.