Friday, January 19, 2007

Yet Another Shopping Spree

Today my Mum and I went to the yarn district!!!

We had a great time - I always enjoy hanging out with my mum.

However, sometimes she can get MEAN!!! When I showed her Ulises Vest she looked at me and frowned. I immediately knew what she was thinking...

"This is way too big for a newborn - more like for a 1-year-old. And, you should have used smaller needles, the gauge is all wrong."

And then.... rip rip rip... without blinking, Ulises vest was gone.

After that we went to the yarn district.

I bought some Aero Needles - I'm trying to get them in all size numbers. Today I bought 2, 2 1/2 and 3.

And I bought some yarn to start working on my Secret Project!!! I'm still swatching, I'll show you when the swatch is big enough to be shown.

My mum bought some orange/peachy summery yarn and a ball of mathching orange/peachy/reddish ribbon yarn. I saw it and knew it was perfect for her. And of course, she couldn't resist the temptation when I showed her both things together (too bad I didn't take pics).

When we returned home after having lunch, she looked at the yarn I had bought for Ulises... and she sweetly offered to knit something for him herself so that I could start working on my Secret Project right away. I couldn't resist the temptation either. Like mother, like daughter.


Arianwen said...

Oh no I can't believe you pulled it all out! All that work.It is nice to get something for the baby to grow into. Enjoy making the smaller version.

Paula460 said...

no puedo creer que lo destejiste entero Carlita!!! (lo hubieras guardado para el primer cupleaños de Ulises) al menos tu no estas triste por eso ;)
y estas entusiasmada con tu proyecto secreto jejeje...

Gaby said...

que pena que lo destejiste :(
Que será tu proyecto secreto!!!
Yo anduve por Scalabrini hace 2 semanas y ya Milana tenia de todo para invierno :) Pero me contuve y no compré nada...