Monday, February 05, 2007

Secret Project Revealed

So this is my Secret Project...
First sweater for my first baby!
I'm pregnant (16 weeks - baby is due July 27th!!!) That's why the bed rest.
Thank God everything seems to be fine, the baby seems to be healthy and growing.
The pattern is from a Katia Magazine I was lucky enough to get in the yarn district. All the other baby knits mags I bought are HO-RRI-BLE!
It took me exactly 2 weeks to knit it - while I was at my mum's house all I did was knit!!! It was my first baby knit, so it was a little confusing at the beginning, until I got the hang of it.

And by the way this is my 100th post!! and it's about wonderful news, isn't it???
Congratulations are in order!!!