Saturday, March 17, 2007

Baby Blanket from Katia Magazine!

Maybe I haven't told you this before, but I am quite a determined lady.

Having tried to work out the pattern for almost 3 days, I woke up on Saturday and picked up my needles.

One, two, three times... the ranting against the magazine started again...

SHAME ON ME!!!! I had misread the instructions all the time!!!

Instead of doing slip 1, knit 2, pass slip stich over, I was doing SK2P.

So, please forget everything I said about the Katia magazine. It was all my mistake.

Here is what I've knit so far.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Baby Blanket

Remember yesterday I told you I was starting a new project???

This is it. I fell in love with it the minute I opened the Katia magazine. We even had a fight with my mum to see who would knit it.

Well, yesterday I got my needles, I got my yarn and I cast on. So far, so good.

Row 1, fine.

Row 2, not fine. "I must have made a mistake, 2 stitches seem to be missing. I should concentrate harder."


Row 1, fine.

Row 2, not fine. "Can I be THIS stupid??? Let's try again."


Row 1, fine.

Row 2, SHOOT ME!!! What the heck is going on????

Well, my dear friends, I don't frieking know what the problem is!!! But chart A is WRONG WRONG WRONG and I am not as talented as to discover the mistakes. So if any of you can see it, please do let me know.
Sorry for my ranting... but I HATE IT when they make this horrible mistakes. I mean, I bought this mag because I loved this blanket... and now it's downright impossible for me to knit it!!!
I know I'm not alone in this... it's happened to all of us, hasn´t it? But don't you think they should knit the things they print before selling you the magazines????
Anyway, I have an appointment with my ob/gyn tomorrow, so maybe I'll be able to tell you whether baby is a girl or a boy!!! I can't wait!!!!

I always considered the International Women's Day to be rather sexist...
But this year's theme seems worth it.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

On Hold

I don't like these two colours together... I'll wait till I find out whether Baby is a boy or a girl (my next appointment is next Friday and maybe the doctor will tell me then!) and use blue or pink instead of white...
And... there's something else wrong there. If you look at the pic on the right, you'll see how the knitting is slanted!
So, current project is a white baby blanket.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Pictures Galore

First, let me show you what I received from Paula

Three sets of circular needles and a "Tejer la Moda" magazine with lots of baby knits!!! Thank you dear Paula for your generosity!!!!

Second, lots and lots of mags - a gift from one of my students. When she got pregnant, her friends and family gave her all these. She cannot knit, and when she found out I was pregnant she offered me her mag stash!!!!

Third, my mum finished a baby set for Ulises, my friend Melania's baby. I told you how talented my mother is... I think Mel and Ulises will like it.

Last but not least, this is what I've knit during the weekend. I know, it's not much, but I had a busy busy weekend visiting friends and family.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Long Time No Blog

Hi everyone!!!!!!
It's been a long time!!!
First of all, let me tell you everything is wonderful here! I'm 19 weeks pregnant!!!! I'm so excited!!! I haven't started showing, it just looks like I've been eating too much pizza and pasta...
I haven't been blogging mainly for three reasons:
1. I haven't been knitting - ever since I finished the baby's sweater, I haven't touched my needles!
2. I haven't touched my needles because it's been horribly hot in BA...
3. It's been horribly hot and I've been feeling terrible... nauseous, headaches, tiredness... all those things I always said I wouldn't feel when I became pregnant.
In addition I´ve been working like crazy - lots of students, lots of translations and proof reading.
To sum up, when I got home I just felt like going to bed!! We bought the A/C so I turned it on and immediately fell asleep!
Anywhoo, today is my free day, and I decided to start knitting again - it's high time, I guess. I wanted to start knitting a baby blanket, but I'm afraid it might get hot hot hot again and I'd have to leave it on hold. So I finally chose a baby sweater from a Katia magazine.
By the way, the Katia baby knits mag I found has gorgeous designs and patterns. However, it's impossible to get hold of another issue here in BA. I have been stalking visiting news agents for the last month and they keep promising they will get them for me.
Well, enough for today... otherwise, I will never cast on!!!
Tomorrow I'll show you all the presents I've got (mags & needles!) from some wonderful friends.