Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's A Boy!

It's official: it's a boy!!!!
Today morning we saw our baby again!!!! I am still in shock.... we saw his legs, and his heart... we saw his face!!! I mean his nose, his cheeks, his mouth, we even saw his tongue swallowing!!!!!!!
I am now 6 months pregnant - and look at the bump!

On knitting news, this is the cardi-circus tent my mum knit for me. She's the greatest, it only took her one week to knit this giant coat for me!!!

I am still knitting the never-ending blankie. I haven't been knitting too much, autumn seems to never begin. On Thursday the temperature reached 35°C and I had to turn on the A/C!!! Today it's raining so I'll try to knit and make some progress.
And THANK YOU all for your kind comments - gracias por sus felicitaciones y sus lindas palabras!!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Baby Wrap and Look at My Bump

It's official - the baby wrap is never-ending.

As usual, I have changed the pattern. The original is a triangle - which didn't seem big enough, and which my mum and I decided was not what we wanted...

So now I'm knitting a square wrap. And instead of knitting the lacy border, I will probably crochet it.

That's why I don't have much to show you... I really want to finish this, so I haven't started any other project.

My mum, however, is knitting two or three things right now (sorry I have no pics, but two of those things are for me, so I'll show you the FOs!). Last Thursday, Mum, little sister and I went yarn shopping in Berazategui - Mother has lived there for 27 years - this means she has been buying yarn in the same two yarn stores for 27 years. First we went to one of the yarn stores, and we bought some violet yarn for sister. Then we went to the second yarn store, where we bought some darkish gray yarn for a warm cardi-poncho for me and my bump. The owner of the shop, who has know us for a long long time congratulated me, and the baby's Grandma and Aunt. That's when we saw some skeins of a baby boucle in the sweetest colourways. We asked the owner to show us, and we chose one yellowish-lemony skein to knit maybe a onesie for Baby. When we asked him how much it was, he told us that the gray yarn is $50, and the baby yarn is a present from him!!!
And now, let me introduce you to The Bump.
That's me and The Bump. Close-up.
It's not too big - let me remind you I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant... though I already feel I am a WHALE!!!!!
And now I have to run- I need to buy a present for baby Ulises who was born two weeks ago, and whom I'm going to meet later in the evening, and I need to buy some chocolate eggs for Easter!!!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Weekend Away

Well, not exactly a weekend...
Last week we left for Mar del Plata on Tuesday and stayed there till Friday.
Husband and I waiting to see the Sea Lions Show
On Tuesday, the weather was wonderful, so we visited the Aquarium. It was a shame, though. I mean, I wasn't going to compare it to Sea World (I visited Sea World in Orlando, Fl some years ago), but this Aquarium is embarassing!!! Don't get me wrong, the animals look healthy and well taken care of. It's just that the shows are pathetic - children were bored, adults were embarrassed at the lousy script. The shows with the animals are pathetic - sea lions did whatever they wanted, not what the trainers asked them to - but I have to admit I rather enjoyed this!! The electricity went off every hour, every show started 10 or 15 minutes later than scheduled, the 3-D movie was 20 years old and the movie theatre smelled like 60 years old. However, Husband and I really enjoyed the day out. The sun was shining, we laughed a lot at all these mishaps and enjoyed being together.
I did knit a lot, I was thinking of showing you a pic of the baby wrap but I can't find the batteries for my camera. It's not finished yet - not even close. Right now every row has 320 stitches and 2+ per row. It's getting heavy!!
On baby news, I'm currently 5 months, 1 week, 3 days pregnant. I saw the doctor on Friday, everything is wonderful, baby is healthy and mother is not gaining thousands of kilos (only 4 kilos so far). Next ultrasound and appointment with the doctor is on Fri April 20 - I CANNOT WAIT TO FIND OUT WHETHER IT'S A BOY OR A GIRL!!!!