Saturday, April 07, 2007

Baby Wrap and Look at My Bump

It's official - the baby wrap is never-ending.

As usual, I have changed the pattern. The original is a triangle - which didn't seem big enough, and which my mum and I decided was not what we wanted...

So now I'm knitting a square wrap. And instead of knitting the lacy border, I will probably crochet it.

That's why I don't have much to show you... I really want to finish this, so I haven't started any other project.

My mum, however, is knitting two or three things right now (sorry I have no pics, but two of those things are for me, so I'll show you the FOs!). Last Thursday, Mum, little sister and I went yarn shopping in Berazategui - Mother has lived there for 27 years - this means she has been buying yarn in the same two yarn stores for 27 years. First we went to one of the yarn stores, and we bought some violet yarn for sister. Then we went to the second yarn store, where we bought some darkish gray yarn for a warm cardi-poncho for me and my bump. The owner of the shop, who has know us for a long long time congratulated me, and the baby's Grandma and Aunt. That's when we saw some skeins of a baby boucle in the sweetest colourways. We asked the owner to show us, and we chose one yellowish-lemony skein to knit maybe a onesie for Baby. When we asked him how much it was, he told us that the gray yarn is $50, and the baby yarn is a present from him!!!
And now, let me introduce you to The Bump.
That's me and The Bump. Close-up.
It's not too big - let me remind you I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant... though I already feel I am a WHALE!!!!!
And now I have to run- I need to buy a present for baby Ulises who was born two weeks ago, and whom I'm going to meet later in the evening, and I need to buy some chocolate eggs for Easter!!!


Bonnie said...

A bump already!!! Oh my how time flies. I skip a blog and knitting for a few months and when I return you alrady have a bonafide bump. Amazing!

Congrats on the yarn score. You should have said you were having twins to see if you would get double the yarn! ;-)

alejandra said...

Qué linda pancita Carla!!!

Danni said...

Felicidades Carla... que bien y me alegro tanto que sigues bien..!
El Baby Wrap te esta quedando lindissimo, y te quedara genial..! aye que ilusion...!
Un abrazo bien fuerte

Paula460 said...

que rico Carla! que gusto verte con la pancita ya toda asomada!!!
que emocion!!!
ufff... y que buen viaje de compras...
nos vemos pronto, cuidate mucho!

Jimena said...

La verdad que recién hoy me entero que estas esperando un baby, lo que pasa es que la vez que paso por tu blog tengo que entrar al traductor.
FELICITACIONES CARLA!!! Hermosa pancita!
Un beso.

tia Glória said...

os trabalhos que estaão postados para bebé são lindos
Felicidades para a futura mamã e para o bebé que vem a caminho

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caska said...

que linda tripita!!! veo que procede todo bièn ,me alegro por vosotros ciaooo

Paula460 said...

hasta mañana amiga!!!

Anonymous said...

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