Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Long Weekend & Juan Manuel's Cabled Cardigans

My Mum is the greatest knitter.
She knit this cabled cardigan for Juanma in no time.
She needed no pattern, no measurements, nothing at all.

Next Monday is a national holiday in Argentina. My mum, my sister (who's recently broken up with her boyfriend), Juanma and I are going away to Las Gaviotas (http://www.lasgaviotas.com.ar/). We booked a house in http://www.medanosapart.com.ar/, just 50 m from the sea. We can't wait to get there!!!

This white cabled cardigan was also knit by my mum. In this pic, you will fully appreciate why I my baby's nickname is "Bichi Boli" (short for Bicho Bolita -woodlouse in English).

Oh, and just in case you haven't noticed, I'm SO IN LOVE with my baby boy!!!


Arianwen said...

What a sweetie! He is really lovely. Elenya when she was little called the woodlouse a wooden mouse. Your mum is a good knitter enjoy your holiday!

Paula460 said...

tienes toda la razon para estar enamorada de JM: es un principe, un muñeco!!!
y ademas... es tu hijo... tu amorcito
y tu madre... tremenda tejedora! felicitala mucho!
besotes para ti! que disfruten mucho el finde!

Gaby said...

Carla, que disfruten el finde!! Las Gaviotas y M.de las Pampas son playas re lindas y tranquilas!!!
Tu bebé está precioso; viste como nos tienen embelesadas? :)
y felicitaciones a la abuelita tejedora :)