Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekend Away - Las Gaviotas

What a wonderful weekend!!!!
We had a lovely time!
Friday 3pm we started our trip. My dad decided to drive us to the beach - we knew EVERYBODY was leaving Buenos Aires, so we wanted to avoid the 6pm exodus.

My mum and sister couldn't get their hands off Juanma - and I was happy to rest a little bit. I lay in the sun by the (empty) swimming pool, I walked along the beach, I even got to knit a couple of rows - I'll show you in my next post.

The air in Las Gaviotas and Mar de las Pampas is wonderful. Every step you take, you smell something different - lavender, pines, eucalyptus. I couldn't get enough of it.
We also enjoyed the total lack of pavement. Everywhere sand and earth. Speed limit is 30 km per hour - and most people do respect it. Children running and playing around with no worry. Unbelievable.
We also loved being there without the men (except for Juanma, of course). Don't get me wrong. I love my hubbie and my dad, and my mum loves my dad, too (my sister has just broken up after an almost 2 year long relationship). But since they were not around, we didn't cook, we didn't need to clean up after them, we didn't need to ask them to take us to Mar de las Pampas, we didn't need to hear them trying to give orders or requesting anything!!!
Women bonding was fantastic. My mum and I really get along. My sister is a little bit more complicated than us, but she was terrific - she had a wonderful time too, and I guess it was good for her after her breakup.
We had such a great weekend we even started thinking of renting a house there for the summer holidays...
Anyway, we returned yesterday, early in the morning, because we didn't want to get caught in a 4-hour-long traffic jam with Bichi Boli.

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caska said...

no me canso de decirlo que guapo!!! me encanta la foto con el culete pà arriba ;) ciaoooo