Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Vaccination Time

Juanma is four months old and that meant having him vaccinated again... Three different vaccines - two of them were injectable.
He was an angel - didn't even cry. It broke my heart though to see him pulling faces in discomfort.

The day after he was not quite himself. Cried a lot, complained a lot, didn't sleep well.

Fortunately yesterday evening he completely recovered and mum and grandma took him out for a walk. OF course, we couldn't resist buying him some clothes and some toys to reward him for having been such a brave little boy!!!

Anyway, in the pics you can see him wearing a light blue vest my mum knit for him.

My lime green vest is about to be finished - it just needs sewing!!!! You'll see it in the next post.

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Paula460 said...

Juanma esta exquisito! y tan grande ya...con sus vacunas y todo!