Sunday, December 09, 2007

Cote d'azur

Sunday morning, baby is taking a nap - so many things to do and so little time....
I have started a new sweater for Juanma, heavily inspired on a Phildar pattern. It's really easy and quick to knit. I wish I had a little more time.

The problem is Juanma has been fighting sleep. Once he falls asleep everything's fine. He naps for an hour during the day, and usually sleeps quite well through the night (waking up twice - at 1.30 and at around 4.30 or 5) to be nursed. And then he wakes up at around 6 or so. Not bad for an almost five-month-old.
But getting him to sleep had turned into a battle - me usually the defeated one. It would take maybe an hour: walking around, rocking, lullaby, silence, whispering, nursing him - you name it.
But lately not even nursing him would work. He would fall asleep while being fed, only to wake up screaming a minute after being put in his cradle.
The doctor had told me to read a book about how to put a baby to sleep. The book describes the Ferber method. When I read it, it was too cruel... letting the baby cry out....
But now that Juanma is having so much trouble falling asleep I kind of tried it out. I'm a rebel, so I didn't exactly follow the exact directions on "progressive waiting"...
Believe it or not... it seems to be working!!!!!! Instead of carrying him around for over 45 minutes, I put him in his cradle, he cries for a minute or two, I pat him, tell him I love him, cries once or twice again... and MAGIC!!!
Of course, at first Husband thought I was crazy - "he will NEVER fall asleep like that, let me try", he said. He held him and walked and rocked him. 10 minutes later, I put him to bed, let him cry for one minute, and he fell sound asleep. Husband couldn't believe what he saw!!!!
I hope it continues working!!!!!!!!!
On the knitting area, have a look at the Cote d'azur sweater. I don't know what's wrong with my camera - the sweater is white:

back - 80% done

And this is a beautiful light blue vest my mum knit for Juanma. He looks yummy in it!!


alejandra said...

Tranqui Carla, todo pasa!!! Buena suerte con el método, y el chalequito está realmente precioso, tu mamá es una genia!!!!

Gaby said...

Carla, cada bebé tiene su ritmo; a mi me habian prestado "Duermete niño", pero no me dio resultado; Fede nunca durmio de un tirón toda la noche hasta que cumplió un año...Juan aguantaba de 12 a 6 de la mañana, pero hay bebés que ya a los 6 meses duermen toda la noche..

Gaby said...

Olvidé decirte que me encanta el pulover Aran :)

ojo con el post en inglés que es un virus!!!!

Carla said...

Gracias por el apoyo chicas!!!!
A mí el pediatra me recomendó Duérmete Niño, y lo que describe es el método que estoy utilizando. Hasta ahora vamos súper bien... no les digo que se duerme instantáneo o sin pelear todas las veces, pero al menos mi espalda no sufre de sacudirlo como una cocktelera para que se duerma!!!
besos a ambas!

Arianwen said...

That is a lovely sweater! Juan Manuel is still very little none of mine slept well at that age. The time goes so quickly I would just try not to worry about lack of sleep it is not long until he wants to go on sleep overs at his friends houses